Artist. Coach. Designer. Dev.

I’m Brett Snyder, at 17 did a sketch that ended up in some stores. Spent several years working for corporations in graphic and web design. And now, making those designs come to life using code. Along the way, taught hundreds of kids in Vermont and Arizona to believe in themselves through gymnastics.


I was the guy that would do front and back handsprings all the way down my high school hallways during class and never get in trouble.

Jesus Christ Art

Had a few people ask where they can get the Jesus Christ art prints I used to sell years ago. You can get the digital files for free to print.

Master Blocks Template

I was told their busy season started 3 weeks ago, and they needed several landing pages - fast. Late nights may be required.

HTML Email

It has been a while since I have churned out HTML emails. They are a different animal than landing pages to be sure.


  1. Company
    Imagine Learning - Consumer
    Frontend Developer
  2. Company
    Imagine Learning - Consumer
    UI/UX Designer/Developer
  3. Company
    Senior Designer
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