Student-Paced Mastery
K-12 Christian Homeschool in a box.
Since 1978, LIFEPAC has empowered achievement and success for both student and teacher. Try our most popular student-paced mastery print curriculum for free.

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What is LIFEPAC?
A Christian homeschool print curriculum for grades K-12. LIFEPAC uses the principle of comprehension, mastering content before progressing to the next concept. Each organized course box includes all worktext units and a teacher's guide.

Self Contained Units

Each printed worktext includes full-color student-paced lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-given test.

Student Success

Every mastery unit builds on learned concepts, and is not too large or overwhelming - so progress feels achievable.

Easy Access Storage

Easily find current or past lessons neatly stored on your shelf. Great reference for both student and teacher.

Teach your child practical Christian living.
Featuring the King James Version, LIFEPAC Bible is an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments for grades 1-12, covering the themes of theology, the attributes of God, biblical literature, biblical geography, Christian growth, and Christian evidences.
History & Geography
Learn from the past.
Develop your student’s understanding of and appreciation for God’s activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships. This curriculum for grades 1-12 focuses on the themes of geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and social studies.
Language Arts
Embrace the gift of language and communication.
LIFEPAC Language Arts covers the six major content strands of reading, speaking and listening, writing, spelling, grammar, and composition for grades K-12. This program also covers special topics like visual media and the Bible as literature, as well as study and research skills.
Prepare students for using math in the real world.
LIFEPAC Math for grades K-12 prepares students for using math successfully in real-life situations. The curriculum targets this goal by focusing on the major themes of number skills, geometry, algebra, data analysis, and probability.
Explore God's amazing creation.
LIFEPAC Science for grades 1-12 focuses on the development of observational skills as students study the physical universe God created. The four major strands include life science, space and Earth science, physical science, and the nature of science.
Broaden your child's knowledge-base.
LIFEPAC electives offer a balanced homeschool education with 13 mastery-based courses that promote critical thinking skills in independent learners. Structured lessons are available in subjects ranging from math, art, and world languages to literature, business, and home living.
Updated Design
Get down with over 60 courses.
Back in 1978 when LIFEPAC was launched, 2022 seemed far out. Today, LIFEPAC is AOP's most time-trusted curriculum have recently undergone a redesign. Featuring the same Christian worldview you've come to expect over the last 40 years, the content is now presented in such a way that every course has its most age-appropriate design yet! With new colors, illustrations, and graphic design, each course from kindergarten through 12th grade (more than 60 courses in all) is now more enjoyable to read and study, making learning with LIFEPAC more fun for everyone!

“This is our first year homeschooling, and I have parents coming out of the woodwork asking me how to get started. I always point them to your website and curriculum first. The Godly thread throughout your programs has truly made a difference in my son and the rest of our family.” - Lisa S.
Homeschool in a box
Lesson Planned.
Sure, some moms might have time to toil for hours cobbling together a curriculum using Pinterest, dollar bin finds, photocopies of photocopies, and who knows what else, but you don’t have time for that. That’s why LIFEPAC is perfect for you. Coordinating lessons, exercises, projects, reviews, and tests, LIFEPAC’s convenient worktexts make it incredibly easy to cover everything in your homeschool year. All stored neatly together for easy access.

“I grew up doing LIFEPAC and loved it! Now I am using them to homeschool my own kids! I feel good knowing LIFEPAC prepared me as a student going into college and feel confident you're doing the same for my kids as well.” - Kristi D.
New to Homeschooling?
We got you covered. When you request your free LIFEPAC samples using the top form, we will also include a free Getting Started Guide with steps to get you homeschooling in no time.
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