Things I’ve made.

I’ve worked on tons of projects over the years; here are some of my favorites. Will spare you the image gallery - each project has a brief summary with some sample links.

  • Master Blocks Template

    I was told their busy season started 3 weeks ago, and they needed several landing pages - fast. WordPress, custom CMS, and standalone - mutiple brands. I quickly built a modular custom HTML template & demo that allowed for platform & variable overrides. Now landing pages can be setup before the job ticket is.


  • AloTrack Prototype

    Tasked with building an HTML prototype with Tailwind for a student management app. Figma played a central player as most design and functionality concepts were iterated virtually alongside stakeholders. The architect/dev chose Elixir for stability and speed. A presentation-friendly landing page was added later.


  • Escape Room 60

    They wanted a more performant modern solution than their current WordPress site. Kept header branding, but went with a Next.js refactor that included large content images for more interest. Why? With Next.js baked-in image optimization, the site loads very fast. Also, piping in lazy loaded images from the tidy WordPress media library.

    Dev Site

  • Monarch Catalog Prototype

    I was asked to build an HTML prototype for home & detail pages, from a provided design. It was for a new online catalog and the devs wanted to see styles and responsive use before building it in Angular. They decided to use Material UI componenets, so I used (mdc) to get the ball rolling.


  • Monarch Microsite

    Here is the demo microsite I built alongside the catalog prototype from provided designs. Marketing wanted an easy access CMS so I chose WordPress. Later, I updated CTA buttons with Free Trial email forms to forward to an onboarding site. Links, tracking, & forms are not active.


  • Figma Samples

    For NDA, these Figma samples are ones I did 4-5 years back, so either released or abandoned. But they do show initial IA site requirements, basic page flows with wireframes, and hi-def prototypes. Not shown here, graybox protoypes could be shoe-horned in if consumer paths need further review.